How to Choose Wine for Celebrations and Parties

14 Oct

The holiday season is just around the corner; and some people are starting to stock their wine cupboard with different kinds of wine – from sparkling wines to champagnes. Celebrations such as Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings won’t be complete without a bottle of wine. Part of our tradition is to “toast” wherein people touch each others glasses then drink the wine as an expression of goodwill – whether to honor someone or give thanks. But how will you know what to serve during a celebration?

Based on an article published at The Wall Street Journal, each time their newsroom throws a party, they choose wines that are popular, simply taste good, and aren’t fussy. It is also important to have both white wine and red wine so people can choose what they want.

Marks & Spencer, on the other hand, celebrated their 40th anniversary with a commemorative case that consists of iconic and classic wines.  M&S started selling wines in 1973 and they only had eight types of wines, four sherries, and a few beers during that time. Today, they offer hundreds of wines produced from different continents. Purchasing an anniversary case may help you wind down your choices in wine for your celebration.

According to the CEO of Abigail Kirsch, “A good way to select wines for your wedding is to taste a variety for the best pairing with your menu.” Each time you eat at a restaurant, make sure to try different wines to pair with your food, then take down notes which is the best. You can also go to wine tastings such as the ones hosted by Lelabar. This New York-based wine bar offers guided wine tastings twice a month.

Personalize the celebration by choosing a wine that has a connection or meaning to you. For example, your parents drank a bottle of Sauvignon during their wedding reception, you can also serve the same wine during your wedding day. You can also honor your roots by choosing a wine that originated from the region that you were born in.

One Response to “How to Choose Wine for Celebrations and Parties”

  1. Eric Heng August 8, 2014 at 6:57 am #

    A good wine is definitely important to please guest’s taste. Thanks for nice suggestions. It will be great help for many of us choosing the right wine for celebrations.

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