Idea of the Century: Beer Potluck

6 Sep

So… I’m entering my fourth week of law school and, you know what?  It’s pretty cool.

For once I feel as if I’m learning something that is truly relevant–I no longer have to worry about esters and “backside attacks” (well–living in DC, that last is not entirely true!).  All I have to do is worry about offers and agreements, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, tortfeasors, and restorative justice.

It does feel like a lot at times, and I’m sure I’ll be VERY stressed during finals.  However, I’ve been able to get by with a little help from my friends–and a lot of help from booze.

A funny thing about grad school is that I’m drinking much more than I did at college; oddly enough, what I’m drinking is worse than I what I had at college.  As a fifth year I only stocked Grey Goose and Ketel One, Tanquerey, Campari, Pimm’s…  I’ve been reduced to drinking rail drinks and Smirnoff vodka once again.

I HAVE been drinking some good wines–I’ll have to write about those soon–but I have also been drinking a lot of beer.  A LOT of beer.  Much of it is Miller or Bud Lite, unfortunately; happy hour is a big phenomenon here.  And you know what?  Miller and Bud and Coors do the job.

But one yearns sometimes for more than just a quick, cheap buzz.  One occasionally needs quality, to taste the finest hops and malts (unironically), to drink a beer with quality.  This was a precitipating factor behind our recent Beer Potluck.

The idea is simple: find a nice, large venue.  Invite a lot of people.  Then, ask for these people to come to the aforementioned venue with a six-pack each of their favorite brew.  To ensure the widest range of beer, coordinate so people don’t bring too much of one kind.

In this particular instance, we had the party on the roof of the fabulous Woodward Building.  We invited 100 people from our 1L class.  And about 60 or 70 of those people showed up, most of them with great beers.

Some of the beers we sampled included:

Allegash White
Anchor Steam Liberty Ale
Bell’s Oberon
Blue Moon
Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale
Delirium Tremens / Nocturnum
Dominion Ale
Dogfishhead 60 Minute
Dos Equis
Kennebunkport Apricot Wheat
Leffe Blonde
Magic Hat #9
Sam Adams Summer Ale
Shiner Bock
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Stella Artois

There were at least… like 15 other varieties.

Try it out! But remember to have plenty of cups so you’re not stuck on one beer when you can be trying four or five!


5 Responses to “Idea of the Century: Beer Potluck”

  1. Kris September 7, 2008 at 9:41 am #

    This is the beer potluck, taken to an extreme:

    The Great American Beer Festival!

  2. Shea September 17, 2008 at 5:51 pm #

    Hey, glad you are liking law school. I don’t remember first year being too exciting. And, Allegash rules!

  3. vinicultured September 20, 2008 at 6:53 pm #

    First year is awesome! Well, then again–anything will beat LegalZoom.

    Are you at Berkeley yet? I seem to recall you were going to do a year at Boalt.

  4. Shea September 24, 2008 at 12:20 pm #

    I’ll be at Boalt in January. Glad you are enjoying it! I came from Graduate school, so law seemed a bit rote for me. I like it now, though.

  5. Michelle November 3, 2008 at 9:38 pm #

    Hi Joon! This sounds like a case of everyone being on the same wavelength, because my friends in SF have held somewhere around eight “beerlucks” over the past couple of years (website at note that most of the content doesn’t actually talk about beer). We’ve had a few in New York too. We usually wrap up the six-packs and do a gift exchange, then everyone swaps with everyone else for the beers they want to try.

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