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18 Mar

Not too much in the way of news or drinking.  I’ve not been able to drink very much lately because I need every brain cell I have in order to finish this appellate brief which is due on Sunday.  I did go to The Wine Specialist today with my friend Waiching to pick up some makoli, which is fermented Korean rice beer.  I ended up picking up a new bottle of Bushmill’s 10-year, a new bottle of St. Germaine, a bottle of Allagash Black beer (a Belgian-style stout… wha?!), a bottle of Hakutsuru Junmai Ginjo sake (delicious), and a bottle of the 2006 Bourgogne-Passetoutgrain from Philippe Jouan.

I’m keen on trying this last one because it comes recommended from Trey at The Wine Specialist and seems to have received some favorable press online: the Bourgogne-Passeltoutgrain is a small appellation located in the larger Bourgogne (Burgundy) region.  By law the red wines of this region must consist of at least 1/3 pinot noir and no more than 2/3 gamay–thus, it represents a vinous transition from the Beaujolais region and its gamay-based wines and Burgundy and its pinot noir-based wines.

Otherwise, my law school’s newspaper just launched an online version!  I’ve been writing pretty regularly for the paper, which is published biweekly.  Check out my last article here!


3 Responses to “More Joon!”

  1. Shea March 19, 2009 at 12:41 am #

    Good luck on the brief. By 3rd year it’ll all seem like nonsense :). Let me know about the Allagash Black – they make some mean stuff. Lost Abbey also does a Belgian style stout called Serpents Stout that is worth checking out.

  2. vinicultured March 19, 2009 at 6:01 am #

    Yeah, I’d hope that three years of law school would help me get better at SOMETHING. I’m looking forward to the Allagash–I’ll definitely post about it.


  1. Wine Note: 2006 Philippe Jouan Bourgogne-Passetoutgrain « Vinicultured: A Wine Blog - March 20, 2009

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