A Joyful Wine: 2007 Côtes du Rhône “Cuvée Sélectionée par Kermit Lynch”

4 Feb

My joy is complete.

I just found a bus line–the D6–that takes me from 20th and L Street to MacArthur and V Street.  What’s at MacArthur and V Street?  Only one of the finest wine shops in the DC Metro area: Addy Bassin’s MacArthur Beverages.

You might recall an earlier post where I purchased the bottles for a Spanish wine tasting from MacArthur.  My mission today was to pick up a bottle of the 2001 Penfolds “RWT” Barossa Valley Shiraz for a fancy Australian Shiraz tasting I’m having next week.  However, I ended up, as per usual, lingering for a bit, talking with Phil (an excellent wine steward who remembered that the last time I came in–last semester–I was wearing a suit and had picked up a bottle of the 1999 R. Lopez de Heredia “Viña Gravonia” blanco), and picking up a whole lot more than I came in for.

I was in the mood to pick up nice, simple table wines–nothing too pricey but still offering good quality to price.  Something like the 2008 Vin de Pays du Vaucluse from Domaine de Durban, an $8.99 table red made mostly of Grenache from Kermit Lynch that was just so fun and delicious to drink.


I came home with 11 bottles (10 bottles of wine, one of Scotch); one of those bottles was the 2007 Côtes du Rhône “Cuvée Sélectionée par Kermit Lynch” (on sale for $10.99).  Having just finished his book, I am even more of a fan of Mr. Lynch.  For instance, he feels points are meaningless because different wines are perfect for different occasions.  It’s a very holistic, very contextual view of wine, one to which I’m trying to adhere.

I couldn’t wait.  I hadn’t eaten all day, and I plus, I was thirsty.  I made myself a bachelor’s lunch of rice topped with turkey chili, cheese, and egg (with a generous cover of Tabasco) and popped open the bottle of CdR.  I poured a good glassful of the wine into one of my new Riedel Syrah glasses (thank you LexisNexis!), swirled it around, and took a sniff.

Very dusky nose.  Some dark fruits coming out.  Intriguing.  Whirl, whirl, whirl.  Sniff again.  Taste.

A bit of a metallic or savory bite on the front palate (not in a bad way).  Good dark fruits in the mid palate, followed by traces of mineral and earth on the finish.  Great acidity, with some decent tannin.  Pleasing body–not too heavy, not too light.  Not too complex but very pleasurable.  This is the sort of wine one should buy by the case and drink daily with lunch.  Perfect in its own way, and a tremendously joyful, joyous wine.

We need more wines like these.  Perhaps if there were more of these we would turn away from Two-Buck Chuck and other hack wines.  Perhaps we wouldn’t be afraid to open up a bottle of wine to go with whatever we’re eating–be it filet mignon or chili on rice.  And we should definitely attempt to drink more wine with lunch–it’s amazing.


4 Responses to “A Joyful Wine: 2007 Côtes du Rhône “Cuvée Sélectionée par Kermit Lynch””

  1. Shea February 8, 2010 at 7:35 pm #

    Ok, you now have to tell me how LexisNexis is in any way related to Riedel!

    • vinicultured February 9, 2010 at 12:49 am #

      Well, for doing research and completing certain workshops Lexis gives out points. These points are redeemable for prizes, which are fulfilled through Amazon. Thus, I was able to amass a large collection of Riedel ware, a knife sharpener, books, etc., etc. My next acquisition may be a slow cooker or a casserole dish with lid. I get even more points because I’m a Lexis student rep!

  2. Shea February 10, 2010 at 12:28 am #

    WTF, that’s messed up. Why don’t they have that in Canada – I certainly used LexisNexis enough in law school.

    • vinicultured February 10, 2010 at 1:59 am #

      No clue! But I can tell you that one is able to purchase various lines of Riedel stemware through the Lexis Rewards site–ranging from Vinum, Vinum Extreme, and even Sommelier!

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