DC Wine Buyers Collective

What is the DC Wine Buyers Collective?

I started the DC Wine Buyers Collective as a way for me and my friends to purchase great wine at a discount.  The idea behind the DC WBC is to pool our resources together so as to create a substantial buying bloc.  This helps the collective secure discounts and special bargains from local and online wine retailers.

If you join, you will receive an e-mail every two to four weeks with special deals.  You may choose to purchase wine by accessing a Google spreadsheet that will be linked to the deal.

As a general philosophy, the wines in this collective will be a bit more pricey than your “everyday bottle.”  This collective is for people who want to try “serious” wines and want to learn as much as they want to get buzzed.  Thus, we will try to seek out less common wines, older wines, and wines with character.  However, we will occasionally post deals for everyday wines that are absolutely delicious.

You can keep abreast of new deals by visiting our site: http://dcwine.tumblr.com/.  If you’re ready to join, please send me an e-mail at joon [at] vinicultured [dot] com.  Or, you can join our Facebook group at “DC Wine Buyers Collective” or our Twitter stream at http://twitter.com/dcwinebuyers/.


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