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Jumping Junipero Gin!

10 Feb

After I am done being a lawyer, I would like open up a coffee shop where I could help people wake up to hot cups of artisanal coffee.  I would also like to open restaurants, a jazz club, bookstore, a bar or two, and, if my other money-draining schemes have not bankrupted me by that point, open a winery, brewery, or distillery.

If I chose to open either a brewery or distillery, I would do well to take as an example the esteemed Anchor Brewing Company, the world-renowned San Francisco establishment that started the craftbrew movement (with the help of Maytag heir Fritz Maytag, apparently!).  Not only are they great at brewing delicious, delicious beers such as my personal favorite, Liberty Ale, but they are great at distilling quality, small-production spirits like whiskey and gin.

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