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New York, New York!

12 May

ArtichokeI am currently typing this post a half-hour past midnight here in my friend James’s apartment in Williamsburg, New York.  I spent the past few days here, “recuperating” from finals and the first year of law school.  I say “recuperating” in quotation marks because I’ve done a lot here–a lot of walking, taking subways, eating, drinking wine and other alcoholic beverages, drinking coffee and espresso, seeing jazz recitals, etc.  It might not have been recuperation in the physical sense, but more in a… well, spiritual way.

I stayed away from Times Square and the touristy things.  I thank my friend James as well as my friends Jen, Jonathan L., and Heather–all Berkeley grads and transplants to the City.  It was good also to see Colleen and Jon S. here in New York as well.

I promise that I will write more on wine per se–for now, however, suffice it to say I visited four or five different wine stores (including the very awesome Chelsea Wine Vault in Chelsea Market), purchased seven different wines, and drank a lot.  This post, however, will serve as a journal entry to myself–not very detailed, but just phrases to jog my memory in the future.  

For an alternate telling of the deliciousness, click here for my friend James’s entry on his blog.

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