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Some Whites We All Can Love: Bourgogne and Bordeaux Blanc

21 Aug

Short posts, short posts.  That’s what law school–and reality–will do to you!

A few posts earlier I rhapsodized about a mesmerizing Meursault I had at Mission Wines.  For some reason I’ve been on a big Burgundy bent for the past couple of months (which probably has its genesis in my trip to Berkeley and the delicious basic Bourgogne I drank there), and more recently I’ve been interested in white wines–specifically, chardonnay.

To celebrate my friend Justin’s arrival in DC from Austin by way of the Pacific Northwest, I am cooking a simple dinner of turkey burgers with guacamole and fries.  I thought that a chardonnay would be a good match for this meal, which is why I took Patrick Deaner of The Wine Specialist’s advice and purchased the 2006 Rully chardonnay from Pierre Andre.  A “Grand Vin de Bourgogne,” it was reasonably priced at $21.99.
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