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An Exposition on Riedel Glasses

11 Dec
I. Introduction
If you’re reading this blog you’ve probably seen or at least heard of the movie Sideways, which chronicles the last hurrah journey of two friends through the Santa Ynez Valley.  It is filled with fine wine, boozing, women, and other misadventures.  One of the sadder scenes is when Miles, the protagonist, drinks a bottle of his prized ’61 Cheval Blanc alone with a foam fast-food restaurant cup.

Having been in a fraternity, I’ve imbibed from many different sorts of containers: mugs, plastic cups, boxes, the bosom of life.  At the time, I was proud of my set of four Crate and Barrel wineglasses (price: $3.99 each), into which I’d pour only the finest Yellowtail Shiraz and Merlot.

What a difference a few years make.

II. Riedel glassware is awesome.

Drink wine long enough and you’ll eventually come across mention of Riedel stemware.  Riedel has been in the business of glassmaking for eleven generations, so they’ve not only had time to perfect what they’re doing, they’ve had the time to come up with a whole host of awesome crystal products.

Drinking out of a Riedel glass elevates the wine experience for at least two reasons.  First: they’re simply beautiful and well-designed glasses, period.  Most of their lines—including the affordable machine-made Vinum series—are made of lead crystal, which classes up any drinking situation.  They’re well-weighted and feel good in the hand.  Their lips are thin, which avoids the problem some glasses have where it feels like you’re drinking wine from a coffee mug.  And, they are simple and elegant.

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