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100th Post on Vinicultured!

1 Feb

There are many different reasons for why one does anything, reasons that may be small and large, significant and trivial, obvious and perhaps unknowable even to oneself.  Certainly, there are many reasons one decides to write a wine blog.  Learning how to budget was not one of them, but there were things like wanting to learn more about wine, wanting to practice how to write, and wanting to become part of a community.  I loved drinking wine; I loved talking about it, and I loved the culture and ceremony around this most noble of beverages.

But of course, there are still other reasons.

My first post is dated December 23, 2007.  2007 was a very tough year for me and innumerable others.  We lost a wonderful friend that June, and this world lost out on an incredibly talented, beautiful, and giving young woman.

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