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Diapers Aren’t Just for Kids (or Adults) Anymore: The Wine Diaper

3 Aug

The skies aren’t as friendly as they used to be.

I remember one time when I was flying home to Los Angeles to Berkeley right after the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) instituted its rather draconian “3-1-1 Rule.”  This was sometime in 2006, and I was still in college.  I was trying to bring a nice bottle of wine with me to share with the family, but when I got to the ticket counter the woman working the counter informed me that my bottle would be a problem.

Basically, the 3-1-1 Rule provides that you may not carry onto an airplane any container of liquid or gel with more than three ounces of whatever in it.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a twenty-ounce bottle of soda with only three ounces left; if it’s marked with a volume of anything greater than three ounces, it’s out.

The only way to save your beloved fluid from the trash is to check it (this option wasn’t available to this poor man).  But that is a rather risky proposition.  I am loathe to transport glass bottles of highly staining liquid in a suitcase with my clothes and other knick-knacks, especially if said suitcase is going through the travails of baggage handling.

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