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Idea of the Century: Beer Potluck

6 Sep

So… I’m entering my fourth week of law school and, you know what?  It’s pretty cool.

For once I feel as if I’m learning something that is truly relevant–I no longer have to worry about esters and “backside attacks” (well–living in DC, that last is not entirely true!).  All I have to do is worry about offers and agreements, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, tortfeasors, and restorative justice.

It does feel like a lot at times, and I’m sure I’ll be VERY stressed during finals.  However, I’ve been able to get by with a little help from my friends–and a lot of help from booze.

A funny thing about grad school is that I’m drinking much more than I did at college; oddly enough, what I’m drinking is worse than I what I had at college.  As a fifth year I only stocked Grey Goose and Ketel One, Tanquerey, Campari, Pimm’s…  I’ve been reduced to drinking rail drinks and Smirnoff vodka once again.

I HAVE been drinking some good wines–I’ll have to write about those soon–but I have also been drinking a lot of beer.  A LOT of beer.  Much of it is Miller or Bud Lite, unfortunately; happy hour is a big phenomenon here.  And you know what?  Miller and Bud and Coors do the job.

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